This footage was captured by SRAS Assistant Director Josh Wilson:

“This was city day in Moscow, but the amount of foot traffic on the new pedestrian streets in the city center – and the amount of open art displayed – are actually fairly typical for a weekend evening in Russia’s capital these days. Note that we pass four different musicians, all playing very different styles of music. They are spaced out just right and their volume is regulated so that, amazingly, one does not interfere with the others. At the end of this short walk, we come to the most popular performer: a woman singing classic hits, with children and adults alike dancing and singing along in this public square. Also amazingly, there are several other streets that look just like this throughout the city right now – and look very similar on most warm weekend nights. Moscow has really come alive in recent years and this revival is starting to spread to other major Russian cities that I’ve traveled to as well.”

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