Where to Find Russian Movies and Music Online

PopKult gives an expansive overview of contemporary pop culture in Eurasia. Explore our site for infromation on movies, music, brands, TV, and much more. Here are a few other resources you might check out for more Russian classic movies, cutting-edge bands, and language practice!   Watch More Russian Movies! Below are links to sites that […]

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Magnit: Russian Grocery Store Chain

Magnit is Russia’s largest retailer by number of stores and geographic coverage. They are fixtures of most Russian cities and one of Russia’s best recognized brands. Their 13,000 stores are mostly focused on low-prices and convenience to serve a greatest possible cross section of Russian society. Magnit stores can be found over most of Russia, […]

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Soviet Arcade Games

Nikita Khrushchev, during his whirlwind tour to America in 1959, fell in love with many things. These included, more famously, corn and Richard Nixon’s car. However, when Khrushchev returned to the USSR, he brought with him a renewed conviction not just to grow corn, but to provide the Soviet people with more consumer goods­ – […]

Korchma Taras Bulba / Корчма Тарас Булба

Korchma Taras Bulba (Корчма Тарас Булба) is a chain serving Ukrainian cuisine in an atmosphere rich in Ukrainian culture. They currently have locations in Moscow, Kyiv, and New York City. Korchma Taras Bulba was founded by Yury Beloyvan in Moscow in 1999. At the time, most dining in Moscow was either fast food or five-star. […]

Lubyatovo / Любятово

Lubyatovo (Любятово) is a Russian cracker, biscuit, and cereal brand founded in Pskov (Псков), a city in Russia about 50 miles northeast of the Estonian and Latvian border in 2002. Before Lubyatovo, cold breakfast cereal was not manufactured in Russia and was not widely popular. Most Russians still consider traditional hot breakfasts such as kasha […]

Chistaya Liniya / Чистая Линия

Chistaya Liniya (Чистая Линия; translates as “Pure Line”) is a Russian ice cream brand known for its quality and fresh ingredients – natural milk and cream without chemical additives, flavor enhancers, or GMOs. The factory, established by a family of Armenians in Moscow in 2001, originally produced a salty fermented dairy drink called Tan (Тан), […]

Druzhba / Дружба

Druzhba (Дружба), which translates to “friendship,” is a line of cheese spread produced by the Karat manufacturing plant in Moscow. Druzhba was originally produced in 1965 to provide astronauts with high-nutrient food while in space. However, the cheese proved so popular that the plant soon shifted to mass production to serve the wider public. Druzhba […]

Shtolle / Штолле

Shtolle (Штолле) is Russian pie company based in St. Petersburg. Operating since 2002, the brand is now near-ubiquitous in St. Petersburg and Moscow and is rapidly becoming a Russia-wide and possibly even global brand. Shtolle, derived from “Stollen” cake, a German fruit bread primarily served during the holidays, bakes pies (important: pies, not pastries! / […]

Rogachev Sugushenka / Рогачёвского Cгущенка

The Rogachev Milk Factory (Рогачёвского МКК) is the largest manufacturer of canned dairy in the CIS. This makes it of particular importance in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, where sweetened condensed milk (сгущенка) is a beloved stalwart of the national cuisine. The sticky-sweet concoction is used in a variety of ways: poured over blini, as fillings […]

Miratorg / Мираторг

Miratorg (Мираторг) is Russia’s leading meat producer and supplier. It is rapidly also becoming one of Russia’s most visible brands, with fairly heavy advertising campaigns, banded stores and even restaurants, and increasingly wide distribution in Russian supermarkets. Though it was founded in 1995, a period when Russian agriculture suffered from the collapse of collectivized and […]

Domik v Derevnye / Домик в Деревне

Domik v Derevnye (Домик в Деревне) commands the Russian dairy market with 34% market share. The brand, whose name literally translates to “little house in the country,” began in 1997 to serve Russia’s large and culturally important dairy market. Today, Domik v Derevnye produces kefir, cottage cheese, milk, butter, yogurt, and, of course, sour cream. […]

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