Where to Find Russian Movies and Music Online

PopKult gives an expansive overview of contemporary pop culture in Eurasia. Explore our site for infromation on movies, music, brands, TV, and much more. Here are a few other resources you might check out for more Russian classic movies, cutting-edge bands, and language practice!   Watch More Russian Movies! Below are links to sites that […]

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Gradusy / Градусы

Gradusy (Градусы; “degrees”) is a Russian pop band from Stavropol, founded in 2008. It consists of Dmitry Bakhtinov (Дмитрий Бахтинов, bass guitar), who organized the group, Roman Pashkov (Роман Пашков, vocals, guitar), Ruslan Tagiev (Руслан Тагиев, vocals, DJ), and Viktor Golovanov (Виктор Голованов, percussion). Their first hit was the 2009 single “Director” (“Режиссёр”), which was […]

Blestyashchie / Блестящие

Blestyashchie (Блестящие, “the bright ones”) is a Russian all-female  pop group. It was formed in 1995 by the producers Andrey Grozniy (Андрей Грозный) and Andrey Shlykov (Андрей Шлыков), and their original lineup consisted of Olga Orlova (Ольга Орлова), Polina Iodis (Полина Иодис), and Varvara Koroleva (Варвара Королева). Its membership has changed often over the years—seventeen […]

Mitya (Dmitry) Fomin / Митя (Дмитрий) Фомин

Mitya (Dmitry) Fomin (Митя/Дмитрий Фомин) is a Russian singer, songwriter, and VJ on MUZ-TV from Novosibirsk. Mitya, the name he goes by professionally, is a common shortened version is full name, Dmitry. He knew from an early age that he would one day become a performer. He went to medical school in Novosibirsk first, though, […]

Office Romance: Our Time / Служебный роман. Наше время

Office Romance: Our Time (Служебный роман. Наше время) is a 2011 Russian romantic comedy, a remake of the 1977 Office Romance, a highly beloved Soviet film directed by Eldar Ryazanov, one of the most popular and famous Soviet film directors. The film is about a financial firm led by Lyudmila Kalugina, a hard-nosed businesswoman whom […]

Pregnant / Беременный

Pregnant (Беременный) is a 2011 Russian comedy directed by Sarik Andreasyan, who also directed Office Romance: Our Time (Служебный роман. Наше время). The film is about Sergey, a TV host on a music channel, who is skeptical of anything new or trendy. He and his wife, Diana—played by Anna Sedokova, a popular Russian singer and […]

A Kitchen in Paris / Кухня в Париже

A Kitchen in Paris (Кухня в Париже) is a 2014 Russian comedy. It is a sequel to the third season of the popular Russian television series Kitchen (Кухня), which played from 2012 to 2015 on STS. The TV series told the story of a French restaurant, the Claude Monet (and then known as Victor, starting […]

Corporate Party / Корпоратив

Corporate Party (Корпоратив) is a 2014 Russian comedy by Oleg Asadulin, who also directed Dark World: Equilibrium (Тёмный мир: равновесие). The film was produced by the company Enjoy Movies, which seeks to specifically make domestic hits about Russian everyday life so that audiences have viewing options apart from Western imports. In the filme, Igor, the […]

Loves Me, Loves Me Not / Любит не любит

Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Любит не любит) is a 2014 Russian romantic comedy. In the film, Lyosha, a successful businessman, has just gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Alyona, his boss’s daughter, when he meets well-known journalist Irina. She introduces him to a new, exciting, chaotic life, and suddenly he can’t choose between Irina, who […]

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