Russkoe Radio Top 5: April 2017

Published: May 1, 2017

Russkoe Radio plays pop music exclusively in Russian. What’s big in Russian-language pop and dance music? Russkoe Radio’s pop playlists can tell you. Once a month, SRAS provides a snapshot of what’s at the top of their charts, with YouTube videos and links to our Russian music site.

Here is their lineup from April 28, 2017

1. “Сопрано” (“Soprano”)—Мот feat. Ани Лорак


2. “Не отдам” (“Not Giving It Away”)—Марсель Ft. Artik & Asti


3. “Москва – Нева” (“Moscow – Neva”)—Ирина Дубцова & Леонид Руденко


4. “#какЧелентано” (“Like (Italinan Singer Adriano) Celentano”)—Артур Пирожков


5. “Хочется” (“Feel Like It”)—Градусы

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