Eles / Элес

Eles (Элес, meaning “dream” in English, and not to be confused with the Kazakh girl band of almost the same name) was a contemporary Kyrgyz band popular in the 1990s and 2000s. They sang in Russian and Kyrgyz. One of the most successful Kyrgyz bands of all time, they are credited with being one of […]

Prime Minister / Премьер Министр

Prime Minister (Премьер Министр) is a Russian pop/rock band founded in 1998 by producer Evgeny Fridlyand (Евгениы Фридлянд) and sound producer Kit Breitburg (Кит Брейтбург). The band is best known for representing Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002. The group originally consisted of Vyacheslav Bodolika (Вячеслав Бодолика), Peter Jason (Питер Джейсон), Zhan Grigoryev-Milimerov […]

Absolute Rascals / Отпетые Мошенники

Absolute Rascals (Отпетые Мошенники) is a Russian pop boy band that hails from the suburbs of St. Petersburg. According to the group themselves, they are not sure when they were founded—“we think least of all about dates, numbers and sums. We’re more interested in notes, harmonies, lyrics”—but their first major concert took place in December […]

Korni / Корни

Korni (Корни; “roots”) is a Russian pop boy band. It was founded in 2002 through the TV show Star Factory (Фабрика звёзд) by producer Igor Matvienko, who is also responsible for the bands Fabrika (“factory”) and Ivanushki International. Star Factory debuted on Russia’s Channel One in 2002 and was a huge success. It featured 16 […]

Gradusy / Градусы

Gradusy (Градусы; “degrees”) is a Russian pop band from Stavropol, founded in 2008. It consists of Dmitry Bakhtinov (Дмитрий Бахтинов, bass guitar), who organized the group, Roman Pashkov (Роман Пашков, vocals, guitar), Ruslan Tagiev (Руслан Тагиев, vocals, DJ), and Viktor Golovanov (Виктор Голованов, percussion). Their first hit was the 2009 single “Director” (“Режиссёр”), which was […]

Ivanushki International / Иванушки International

Ivanushki International (Иванушки International) is a Russian band founded in 1994 by producer Igor Matvienko. The original members were Andrey Grigoryev-Apollonov, Kirill Andreev, and Igor Sorin. The name of the group came about when, after they had performed under several different names, someone in the studio where they were recording a song said, “What kind […]

Diskoteka Avariya / Дискотека Авария

Diskoteka Avariya (Дискотека Авария; “Disco Accident” or “‘Disco Crash’”) is a Russian rock group formed in 1988 in Ivanovo, an economically depressed city near Moscow. The original members of Diskoteka Avariya were Aleksey Ryzhov and Nikolai Timofeev, who met while studying at a local engineering university. They were joined several years later by Oleg Zhukov. […]

Dan Balan (O-Zone)

Dan Balan is a Moldovan singer who records music in Romanian, Russian, and English. Balan was born in Chișinău, Moldova’s capital. His father, Mihai Balan, was a Moldovan diplomat and is now the head of Moldova’s security service. Balan’s interest in music arose when he was a child. He received his first accordion when he […]