Where to Find Russian Movies and Music Online

PopKult gives an expansive overview of contemporary pop culture in Eurasia. Explore our site for infromation on movies, music, brands, TV, and much more. Here are a few other resources you might check out for more Russian classic movies, cutting-edge bands, and language practice!   Watch More Russian Movies! Below are links to sites that […]

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VkusVill: Russian Grocery Store Chain

VkusVill is a Russian grocery store chain that focuses heavily on fresh food and produce. It is one of the first stores in Russia to attempt to completely integrate its logistics, with the store controlling the production and branding of nearly all of its products. Its name translates to “Tasteville,” implying that their fresh food […]

Krasnoe i Beloe: Russian Grocery Store Chain

Krasnoe i Beloe is a chain of Russian “grocery stores.” The name means “Red and White,” which the owner says that is a reference to the Soviet-era tradition to offer guests “white or red?” Red referred to wine, and white to vodka. From this, one might already guess that the store is heavily focused on […]

One Bucks Coffee

One Bucks Coffee is a fairly recent arrival to Russian branded coffee shop chains and currently has twenty-one locations, all based in Moscow. One Bucks entered the scene shortly after the 2014 financial crisis hit Russia. It was a time of falling retail space prices, which helped lead to an explosion of new coffee shops […]

Sport Land

Sport Land (Russian: Спорт Лэнд) is Russia’s ninth largest fitness club brand with 13 locations focused around the Moscow area. The fitness market in Russia is a growing and important part of Russia’s economy. In 2016 the sector grew by 3.6% to 101.5 billion rubles, despite the economy still recovering from the effects of the […]


Zhokei (Russian: Жокей) is Russia’s leading locally-produced coffee brand, headquartered and manufactured in Saint Petersburg. It sells a wide variety of ground coffee, instant coffee, and coffee beans, including both medium and dark roasts. Introduced in 1999 by the Orimi Trade Company, the brand has become a notable one in Russia. Over the years, Zhokei […]


Shokolodnitsa (Russian: Шоколадница) is Russia’s largest chain of coffee shops. It is a mainstay in Moscow, with locations in many other geographically diverse Russian cities, such as Saint Petersburg to the northwest, Irkutsk in the heart of Siberia, and Vladivostok in the Russian Far East. Coffee shops are a booming industry in Russia. Although not […]

Kofe Khaus

Kofe Khaus (Russian: Кофе Хауз) is the second largest chain of coffee shops in Russia. It is based in Moscow, where 108 of its branches are located. The chain is also present in Saint Petersburg, with 65 branches, and has some market coverage in the smaller Russian cities of Bryansk and Voronezh, and also has […]

Yandex / Яндекс

Yandex (Russian: Яндекс) is often known as “Russia’s Google.” However, while it started as a mere search engine, it has expanded into much more than that. Arkadiy Volozh founded the company in 1999. At the time, he paid thousands of dollars for a four gigabyte (4 GB) hard drive to start the company’s public operations. […]

Soviet Arcade Games

Nikita Khrushchev, during his whirlwind tour to America in 1959, fell in love with many things. These included, more famously, corn and Richard Nixon’s car. However, when Khrushchev returned to the USSR, he brought with him a renewed conviction not just to grow corn, but to provide the Soviet people with more consumer goods­ – […]

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