Where to Find Russian Movies and Music Online

PopKult gives an expansive overview of contemporary pop culture in Eurasia. Explore our site for infromation on movies, music, brands, TV, and much more. Here are a few other resources you might check out for more Russian classic movies, cutting-edge bands, and language practice!   Watch More Russian Movies! Below are links to sites that […]

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Magnit: Russian Grocery Store Chain

Magnit is Russia’s largest retailer by number of stores and geographic coverage. They are fixtures of most Russian cities and one of Russia’s best recognized brands. Their 13,000 stores are mostly focused on low-prices and convenience to serve a greatest possible cross section of Russian society. Magnit stores can be found over most of Russia, […]

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Ochakovskii Kvass / Квас «Очаковский»

Ochakovskii Kvass (Очаковский Квас) is Russia’s most popular commercially-produced kvass. According to the independent Nielsen polling agency, Ochakovo controls 18% of the highly competitive kvass market in Russia. Kvass is a fermented beverage popularly enjoyed during the summer and is considered something of a national drink in Russia. It’s hearty and tastes distinctly of sour […]

Red October / Красный Октябрь

Red October (Красный Октябрь) is an internationally renowned Russian confectionary that predated and outlasted the Soviet Union. The factory began in 1850, when German national Theodore Ferdinand von Einem immigrated to Moscow. Just one year later, he open a small confectionery on the Arbat. Then called Einem, it produced chocolate and glazed fruits, which soon […]

Chernogolovka / Черноголовка

Chernogolovka (Черноголовка) is a prominent brand of popular Soviet-era inspired sodas produced by Aqualife. Although production began in 1998, their recipes are quite traditional, deriving their tastes mostly from herbal and fruit extracts, just like the soda flavors were during Soviet times. In 2015, Aqualife was the 4th largest producer of soft drinks in Russia […]

Baltika Beer / Балтика

Baltika Breweries (Балтика) began producing beer as a state enterprise in 1990. It was formed by originally merging Soviet-built brewing facilities under the LenPivo (Leningrad Region Beer) name. When that company was privatized in 1992, the assets were purchased by a consortium of Scandinavian brewing companies from Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The name “Baltika” was […]

Kroshka Kartoshka / Крошка Картошка

Quick-service restaurant Kroshka Kartoshka (Крошка Картошка) offers an original spin on fast food with a popular and well-known product: baked potatoes. Literally translating to “Little Potato,” Kroshka Kartoshka grew from its humble origins as a mobile Moscow food truck launched in 1998 to a fast food giant serving spuds in over 300 locations in the […]

Alyonka Chocolate / Шоколад «Аленка»

Alyonka (Алёнка) is the market leader of domestically produced chocolate in the Russian Federation. The Red October factory began producing it as a 100g chocolate bar in 1966 by virtue of a government livestock subsidy. With a steady supply of high-quality, cheap milk, Red October produced delicious, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate at an affordable price (even […]

Teremok / Теремок

Fast-casual chain Teremok (Tеремок) offers hand-made Russian favorites. They have become a major player in Russia’s food service industry by offering a relatively healthy, national alternative to international fast food chains – and by keeping their prices competitive. Serving everything from sweet and savory blini to borsch, kasha, kvass, and pelmeni, Teremok has taken urban […]

Vestiges: Capitalism in Post-Soviet Space

No matter how great a change is wrought on a society by any occurrence, the society will retain some of the basic characteristics it had before; infrastructure and traditions take decades if not centuries to evolve. Therefore, the introduction and development of capitalism to Russia has had to utilize Soviet-produced and influenced infrastructure and traditions. This […]

The Fast Food Phenomenon: Russia’s Other Booming Market

In 1990 fast food exploded on the Russian market in one of the Cold War’s most memorable dying images. Today, the industry is one of Russia’s “healthiest” – experiencing steady growth from both foreign and domestic investment, perhaps despite the challenges the Russian market offers. The first western arrivals were Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and Baskin Robbins. […]

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