Manicures in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Gel Manicures in Bishkek

Published: April 30, 2022

Whether you are a regular at the nail salon or are thinking about getting your first manicure, Bishkek is one of the most affordable cities to treat yourself. Finding a quality manicurist can be difficult, especially when you are in a new city. I, along with a few of my girlfriends have tested out a few salons in Bishkek and we have all concluded that is not only one of the most affordable salons, but the quality is top notch, and the service is impeccable!

At they specialize in gel manicures, which means the nail polish is cured with UV or LED light to secure it into place for long-lasting wear. The main difference between regular polish and gel polish is gel polish lasts longer on average, the polish rarely chips, your nails will keep their shine throughout the duration of your manicure, and you do not have to sit and wait for your nails to dry, as the UV or LED light dries them within 30-60 seconds!

At the manicure process takes approximately two hours; your nails will be cut, trimmed, filed, and shaped and your cuticles will be removed to achieve a flawless, smooth finish. A base coat will be applied first, to protect your natural nails and then you will have your pick of hundreds of nail polish colors. It is up to you if you would like just one color on all your nails or if you would like multiple colors, a design, glitter and/or jewels. Depending on the design, the amount of glitter and/or jewels you request, there will be an additional charge per nail (usually an additional 50 soms per nail/.62 cents USD). Your nail color and/or design will be applied and dried and then they will apply a glossy, clear topcoat that seals in the color and leaves your nails glossy and shiny for up to three weeks!

A gel manicure will cost you between 800-1000 soms/$10.00-$12.50 USD plus an additional charge for special designs. This is an incredible bargain, as in the United States a standard gel manicure (with one nail polish color) will cost you between $30.00-$70.00 USD. has three locations throughout Bishkek, you can locate each location by visiting their website, which also allows you to book appointments online. I highly suggest booking online, especially if you would like to get your manicure on a Friday or Saturday, as these days are the busiest times in Bishkek.

Overall, I have had multiple gel manicures at, and I have been very satisfied each time I go!

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