Russia’s Top 9 Films From 2019

After a few years of record-breaking growth, Russia’s film industry took a break in 2019. Many analysts attribute this to stagnating incomes, but it seems an even bigger issue is the failure of this year’s lineup to really capture Russian values and imaginations. Much like in 2018, the films that did best are those that […]

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Prom / Выпускной

Prom (Выпускной) is a 2014 Russian comedy. It takes place at the end of the school year in Nizhny Novgorod as various students close to graduation prepare for their senior prom (or rather the Russian equivalent). The main characters include a couple who are trying to make plans for the future but whose parents are […]

Voskresnie / Воскресение

Voskresnie (Воскресение) is a Russian rock group which has existed in two distinct incarnations. The first lasted from 1979 to 1982; the second, after a long hiatus, started in 1994 and continues to the present day. Voskresenie’s sound has ranged over the years from rhythm-and-blues to blues to psychedelic rock. Its name translates to “Sunday” […]

Mashina Vremeni / Машина времени

Mashina Vremeni (Машина времени) was one of the Soviet Union’s pioneering rock bands. Formed in Moscow in 1969, Mashina Vremeni has worked across various genres over the years, and continues to make music today. Their name translates to “Time Machine.” Mashina Vremeni’s eclectic sound, which has ranged from classic rock, to blues, to Beatles-style pop, […]

Evgenii Margulis / Евгений Маргулис

Evgenii Margulis (Евгений Шулимович Маргулис) is a prolific Russian rock musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and one of Russia’s most famous blues composers.  He is known as a founding member of one of Russia’s most important classic rock bands, Time Machine (Машина времени), as well as a founder and on-again-off-again participant in Voskresenie (Воскресение), also a […]

Crematorium / Крематорий

Crematorium (Крематорий) is a popular rock band in Russia. Headed by vocalist and songwriter Armen Grigoryan (Армен Григорян), who founded the band in Moscow in 1983, its sound ranges from blues to psychedelic to classic rock and Grigoryan’s lyrics often deal with the fantastic, such as the possibility of life after death. In the beginning, […]

Agata Kristi / Агата Кристи

Agata Kristi (Агата Кристи) was one of Russia’s most popular rock bands during the 1990s. Their sound tends toward gothic rock and post-punk, and at times even new wave. Agata Kristi’s impressive repertoire includes ten studio albums, five compilations, and eighteen music videos, as well as a long history of tours around Russia and abroad. […]

Absolute Rascals / Отпетые Мошенники

Absolute Rascals (Отпетые Мошенники) is a Russian pop boy band that hails from the suburbs of St. Petersburg. According to the group themselves, they are not sure when they were founded—“we think least of all about dates, numbers and sums. We’re more interested in notes, harmonies, lyrics”—but their first major concert took place in December […]

Korni / Корни

Korni (Корни; “roots”) is a Russian pop boy band. It was founded in 2002 through the TV show Star Factory (Фабрика звёзд) by producer Igor Matvienko, who is also responsible for the bands Fabrika (“factory”) and Ivanushki International. Star Factory debuted on Russia’s Channel One in 2002 and was a huge success. It featured 16 […]

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