Russia’s Top Russian Movies: November 2018

Published: December 1, 2018

Like in most places in the world, Russia’s silver screens are dominated by Hollywood’s global blockbusters. Russia’s film industry has struggled with the financial crisis, but it is also capable of producing films that can occasionally compete locally with the American machine. Once a month, SRAS provides a lineup of the top Russian movies in Russia that ranked in the top 10 for weekend box-office take.

Несокрушимый – Indestructible – $3.6 million as of November 12, 2018

The film is based on a true story of the crew of the KV-1 tank. Having undertaken an unequal battle, where they are the underdogs, the crew under Semyon Konovalov destroyed 16 tanks, 2 armored vehicles and 8 vehicles in the village of Nizhnemityakin, Tarasovsky District, of the Rostov Region.

Супербобровы. Народные мстители – Super Beavers. Folk Avengers – $2.6 million as of November 12, 2018

The film begins in Thailand, where the Beaver family is hiding from justice. Now they have to perform in the circus, showing their superpowers to tourists for money. Being considered a “circus monkey” family did not appeal to them and all they want is to go back to their homeland. Eventually, after a fight occurs within the family, they all return separately to Russia. At home, the Beaver family once again unites in a fight against villains, making them superheroes again.

Крымский мост. Сделано с любовью – Crimean Bridge. Made With Love – $1 million as of November 19, 2018

The film takes place during the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. Every year, Dima, a young builder, chooses the most beautiful girl among female archaeologists and dates her. This year his goal was to date the beautiful Varya. However, the task becomes complicated when a Moscow PR man arrives and competes for Varya’s attention.

Проигранное место – Lost Place – $347,000 as of November 19, 2018

Among high school students there is a legend about the “lost place” in the cinema. In this place they say everyone that buys a ticket is doomed to death. No one takes this story seriously, but soon a series of horrific murders makes a group of friends recall the ominous legend. High school students begin their own investigation, but they themselves are under suspicion. Driven into a trap by fear and distrust, friends decide to challenge the ghost of the “lost place.”

Пришелец – Newcomer – $190,000 as of November 26, 2018

As a result of a chain of tragic accidents on a distant planet, an astronaut finds himself alone. His life is in constant danger until something inexplicable comes into contact with him. This changes his life forever. Now he is not only lost to his people, and home planet, but also to himself.

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