Russia’s Top Russian Movies: August 2017

Published: September 5, 2017

Like in most places in the world, Russia’s silver screens are dominated by Hollywood’s global blockbusters. Russia’s film industry has struggled with the financial crisis, but it is also capable of producing films that can occasionally compete locally with the American machine. Once a month, SRAS provides a lineup of the top Russian movies in Russia that ranked in the top 10 for weekend box-office take.

Бабушка легкого поведения – Easy Grandma – $2.1 million as of August 27, 2017

Master of Disguise Sanya, otherwise known as The Transformer, has carried out countless scams with dozens of disguises. But this time, very bad men with guns are hot on his tail. Sanya decides to lay low in a nursing home in the guise of an elderly woman. And when times get desperate, a new twist of fate brings him love and hope to become a better person.


Теснота – Tightness – $0.07 million as of August 27, 2017

This film didn’t make to the top 10, but this gritty film by a very young director (Kantemir Balagov) was nominated for several awards as part of the Cannes Film festival. In the film, Ilana, a teenage girl from a good family, does everything backwards. She contradicts her mother, argues with her father, repairs cars in the garage without changing into work clothes, and her parents hate the guy she’s dating. A tomboy and a beauty, she yearns to go her own way in search of freedom, but Ilana is the only one who can save the family when a terrible tragedy strikes the house…for a price.

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