Russia’s Top Russian Movies: March 2018

Published: April 4, 2018

Like in most places in the world, Russia’s silver screens are dominated by Hollywood’s global blockbusters. Russia’s film industry has struggled with the financial crisis, but it is also capable of producing films that can occasionally compete locally with the American machine. Once a month, SRAS provides a lineup of the top Russian movies in Russia that ranked in the top 10 for weekend box-office take.


Лёд – Ice – $25 million as of March 25, 2018

Nadia has imagined skating on ice to the applause of thousands – performing the most beautiful routine imaginable – since childhood. Now a legendary figure skater, thanks to her faith and perseverance, Nadia is close to fulfilling her childhood dream when she’s sent to the hospital due to a mistake her partner made during training. In the hospital, she meets the hockey player Sasha, who was forced to work as her nurse despite their mutual and immediate hatred. Little did they know that this fight would turn into a story of great love which, despite all the hardship, will help Nadia realize her dream.

Я худею – I’m Losing Weight – $10 million as of March 25, 2018

Ana has two main loves: her husband, Zhenya, and food. But Zhenya isn’t happy with how Ana’s body has changed, and the pair divorce. Ana, unready to throw in the towel, begins to change her lifestyle and, with the support of her best friend, decides to embark on an adventure to lose weight and find  happiness.

О чём говорят мужчины, продолжение – What Men Talk About, Continued – $6.8 million as of March 25, 2018

n this third installment of the popular What Men Talk About series, Lyosha, Slava, Camille, and Sasha take a trip to St. Petersburg to unwind and escape from the heap of problems they have piled up in Moscow. During their journey, the friends manage to defeat the Germans, bury Uncle Borya, talk to Russian “Oligarch” Mikhail Prokhorov, remember the song from the cartoon, and agree with the conductor that Messi is better than Ronaldo. Oh, and tequila.

За гранью реальности – Beyond Reality – $2.2 million as of March 25, 2018

Michael, a talented conman, collects a team of people with paranormal abilities to help rob a casino. When the plan falls apart, the heroes find themselves in mortal danger, and to save them all Michael must act beyond reality – in the mysterious world of the supernatural.

Ну, здравствуй, Оксана Соколова! – Well, Hello, Oksana Sokolova! – $1.4 million as of March 25, 2018

Blossoming actor Ilya finally lands a gig – tomorrow, he’ll be featured on Male Radio! Catastrophically, the morning of his premier Ilya finds he can’t utter a single word.. his voice disappeared entirely after a wild party! Half an hour before his prime-time premier, Ilya enlists a doctor to “prick” his vocal cords. Countdown. 3..2…1 – Ilya welomes listeners to the show with a female voice! Becoming hostage to the ludicrous situation Ilya does everything he can to find his voice without missing his chance at fame.

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