Russia’s Top Russian Movies: October 2017

Published: November 1, 2017

Like in most places in the world, Russia’s silver screens are dominated by Hollywood’s global blockbusters. Russia’s film industry has struggled with the financial crisis, but it is also capable of producing films that can occasionally compete locally with the American machine. Once a month, SRAS provides a lineup of the top Russian movies in Russia that ranked in the top 10 for weekend box-office take.


Салют-7 – Salyut-7 – $10.7 million as of October 29, 2017

Based on the true story from 1985, the Salyut-7 Soviet space station, unmanned and in low Earth orbit, suddenly stops responding to signals from mission control. The electrical system fails and gravity causes the station to drift. In order to save the planet from an uncontrolled falling station, two astronauts embark on a mission that could end catastrophically; for the first time in history, they’ll attempt to successfully dock with the 20-ton unguided satellite and bring it back to life. In space, the rescue mission turns into a dangerous test.



Последний богатырь – The Last Knight – $7.75 million as of October 29, 2017

Ivan, a regular guy from modern Moscow, finds himself in the fantastic country of Belogorie (which translates to “White Hills” from the Russian). In this parallel world lives the heroes of Russian fairy tales where magic is an integral part of daily life and disputes settled by the sword. Suddenly, Ivan becomes entangled in the battle between light and dark, and can’t quite figure out the role everyone believes he’s destined to play.



Гоголь. Начало – Gogol. The Beginning – $7.5 million as of October 29, 2017

Nikolai Gogol, a young clerk from St. Petersburg who suffers from mysterious seizures and can interact with beings from the underworld, arrives to Dikanka with the brilliant investigator Yakov Guro to investigate the baffling murder of a local woman. Over the course of their investigation, the pair are confronted with Cossacks, witches, mermaids… and true love. But will they have what it takes to confront the unimaginable? After all, rumors are circulating that the devil himself is responsible for the crime…


Крым – Crimea – $5.9 million as of October 29, 2017

Summer 2013. She’s from Kiev; he’s from Sevastopol. It must have been fate that brought Alyona and Alexander to the excavations of the medieval city Mangup-Kale in Crimea — nature and history fill the soul, and love comes here at first sight! This is the story of faith and honor, strength of spirit, true friendship, and responsibility to one’s family and homeland. In the spring of 2014, our heroes are confronted with a choice. What sacrifices will they make?



Матильда – Matilda – $4 million as of October 29, 2017

The last Russian emperor and the dancer that established the glory of Russian ballet — a passion that could change Russian history. In the twilight of Imperial Russia, heir to the Russian throne, Nikolai Romanov, finds himself in an affair with prima ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. But if the ruler of the empire falls in love with a dancer, maddening for her beauty…well, every man eventually encounters a decision that could change the course of his life forever.


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