Thrift store in Warsaw

Thrift Store in Warsaw

Published: April 23, 2016

The clothing and fashion industry is highly popular and successful in Warsaw. The city boasts a number of massive shopping malls, including the largest shopping center in Central Europe, Arkadia, with some of the most in-demand brands and stores. On the opposite side of this industry, the second hand store has become an increasingly popular alternative. In the city center, it’s common to find stores that sell used “odzież na wage,” meaning “clothing by weight.” These thrift store outlets are charitable non-profits for various organizations, and many are standard for-profit businesses.

One such chain of shops is actually called “Odzież na Wagę” and has locations throughout Warsaw. In these stores, all of the clothes and household items are divided into their respective categories, and given a flat price per kilogram. Prices typically range from 40-60 zl per kilo (depending on if there is a sale), or about 10-15 dollars per kilo, or 2.2 pounds. On certain sales, there can even be a half-price reduction, so 20 zl, or around 5.25 for a kilo. The prices average out to about 3-5 zloty for a shirt, or $0.80 to $1.25, for example.

The shops regularly advertise and schedule shipments of new items for their stores, so there’s a consistent supply and rotation of goods. Their clothing is generally very good quality, gently used, and fairly modern in style. The usually have items from big brand names too, such as H&M and Zara. I myself have found a lightly used wool coat and various professional clothes for work, so I personally recommend them as well.

This particular thrift store chain can be found throughout Warsaw. See their website for a list of addresses and even dates for when certain locations will receive new items. Before heading to a supermall for shopping, I’d definitely take a trip around town to visit a few of their locations.

This Polish news article has made a map of all the locations, and also includes a few additional shop recommendations.

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