Vegas City Hall: A Palace Shopping Mall in Moscow

Published: August 6, 2017

Directions: Take the metro to Myakinino Station and follow the street directly upon the exit of the station.

Have you ever wanted to live in a palace that would make even Catherine the Great backflip in her grave? I suggest investing in platinum-that’s where the  money is. In the mean time, you can pretend to live in a palace of your own, everyday from the hours of 10 am to 11 pm at Vegas City Hall! This is an enormous shopping complex with a variety of stores, and stunning interior design that is well worth seeing!

As it is a significantly distant trek to the outskirts of the city, I only found myself at the mall when I heard about a huge sale on rain boots that my sister has been dying for. I’m thankful that that sale existed, because I would have been so disappointed if I had left Moscow without seeing this mall.

For starters, it is absolutely enormous. The mall is set up to resemble a small city, and is thus sectioned off into food, home goods and clothing sections. There is even a pool, aquarium, and a skating rink (beautifully based off of the one in Rockefeller Center) at the entrance of the mall!

This mall has a high concentration of very expensive, name-brand stores. However, there are so many areas to explore and activities to do within the mall that you can easily make an afternoon here without spending a penny.

Bring some friends and have a touristy photoshoot in front of the live plant gardens that synthesize mini jungles across the halls. Unwind in one of the fancy lounge areas beneath glittering crystal chandeliers. You can even watch synchronized swimming shows, indoors, at the pool in the mall.


Furthermore, if you are actually looking for a great place to shop rather than just take in the unique beauty of the mall, odds are that you will be able to find anything you’re on the hunt for at Vegas City Hall. The mall boasts more than 198 food, department, and clothing enterprises. Here you can find high-end stores like Michael Kors and Armani, or more practically priced brands like H&M and Gap. The same goes with food chains. You can buy some high-quality yet pricier coffee and cake at the Coffeeshop Company, then head across the hallway and grab a burger at McDonalds in the same area.

While not a historically or culturally significant landmark in Moscow, a visit to the Vegas City Hall is absolutely worth your time. The massive building itself is a piece of art and there is a unique spectacle to see around every corner!

Vegas City Hall
Shopping Mall in Moscow
Sunday-Thursday: 10 am to 11 pm, Friday-Saturday: 10 am to 12 am
Entrance to the mall is free!
Bring money for shopping / food.

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