Zapiecek Polskie Pierogarnie

Published: October 10, 2017

Zapiecek serves traditional Polish food from several locations in Warsaw and Krakow.

Its name is derived from the name people gave the place behind the stove, or a corner by the fireplace, where people often slept during the winter. The restaurant locations are built to resemble a country cottage, complete with pots and pans adorning the walls.

The menus, which hang on the wall, describe the dishes in Polish and English, but the text is quite small. Pierogies are the house specialty and come with a wide range of fillings — from meat, cheese, cabbage and mushroom, lentil, buckwheat, and spinach, to sweet apple-raisin, plum, and makowo nut. They also offer soups (including traditional zurek soup), salads, and main courses.

Most Zapiecek locations are rather small, so during peak meal times it may be difficult to find an empty table as the simple, affordable, traditional local foods are popular with tourists and locals alike.


A video experience of one location by British tourist:


Ready for some next-level pierogi? [Don’t] follow these tips!


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