Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

Published: September 26, 2016

Daniel Bloom (born Daniel Borcuch) is a composer, music producer, and musician from Kwidzyn, northern Poland. He also runs his own music studio, Two Minutes Elsie Studio. He studied music in school, particularly piano, and then studied archaeology at university.

Bloom’s career is multifaceted, existing in several different mediums simultaneously: his online biographies describe him as a “musical anarchist.” He started out as the drummer in several punk bands, Iridium and Replay, in the mid-1980s and then founded the band The We in the new romantic genre while he was in college. Soon, though, he switched his focus to electronica, and that has dominated his career ever since.

Bloom has performed and recorded with the bands Edge of the World (Krawędź Światów), the experimental electronica band Paralogic, and Physical Love. He has also released a total of six albums of his own music, from 1996’s Thorn to 2015’s Lovely Fear, which features a number of popular contemporary Polish singers, including Gaba Kulka and Mela Koteluk. His 1997 song “Two Minutes of Elsie’s Life” (“2 minuty życia Elsie”) is one of his most popular, and was named the most popular electronica song of 1997. His music career has been decently successful, and his most recent solo album was nominated for a Fryderyk award.

Bloom has composed the music for nine films between 1999 and 2014. He was nominated for an Eagle, the most prestigious Polish film award, for best film score in 2006, for the film Tulips (Tulipany), and won a Fryderyk award for the soundtrack to the film Everything I Love (Wszystko, co kocham). He worked on many of these films with his brother, Jacek Borcuch, a director. He has actually also acted in several, including Kalliaforr, the first film he wrote the musical score for, and Gunblast Vodka, from 2000.

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“Nieulotne” (“Lasting”), a composition of Bloom’s from the film of the same name, 2013:

“Cataracts” (“Katarakta”), from Bloom’s 2015 album, featuring Mela Koteluk’s vocals:

Lyrics for “Cataracts”:

Kim byłabym bez Ciebie
Nieporadnym echem
Dogaszającym czujny żar

Sejsmiczny alarm we mnie
Bije kiedy mówisz nie
Wypiętrzają wody wtórne wstrząsy

Pierwsza katarakta
Druga katarakta
Błysk latarni gwiazda

Senni latarnicy
Opływowo skryci
We mgle wciąż wypatrują mnie


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