Indie musicians often operate on the fringes of genres. Their music and style are often unique and, often, niche in their appeal. While they may perform for major labels, often they got their start only after establishing a solid fan base within their niche. Genre influences here are vast and diverse from electronic and cabaret to pop, punk, and folk.

Languages: Search for indie music performed in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, or Belarusian, or in Baltic, or Turkic languages.

Nino Katamadze: Georgian “Art-Jazz” and Folk Tunes

Nino Katamadze has been given many titles, from “jazz-diva” to “the Georgian Janis Joplin.” Her experimental, genre-defying work makes it not only possible but sensible to compare her to jazz artists and rock stars alike. Katamadze and her band Insight (together known as Nino Katamadze & Insight) are renowned across the globe, performing almost non-stop […]

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