The Hunter (2011): Learning Russian Through Film

The Hunter (2011; Охотник), directed by Bakur Bakuradze, is a film of few words. Starring Mikhail Barskovich, Tatyana Shapolova, and Gera Avdochenok, the film employs lesser-known actors in the creation of this deeply moving picture. The film was critically well received and was nominated for the UN Certain Regard Award at the 2011 Cannes Film […]

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Leviathan (2014): Learning Russian Through Film

The Bremen Town Musicians: Songs of Freedom and Controversy


The Hu: Mongolian Folk Metal

It is not typical for a Mongolian Folk-Metal Band to take the world by storm, but that is exactly what the Ulaanbaatar-grown metal band The Hu has done. After forming in 2016, they gained global recognition in 2018, mostly through the power of word-of-mouth and YouTube. The Hu’s first two singles, “Yuve Yuve Yu” and […]

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Uzbek Estrada: Music Bridging the Soviet Divide

5 Bands Bringing Traditional Kazakh Style to Modern Rock