Adult Contemporary

AC stands for adult contemporary. This genre grouping is an American invention and not generally used in Eurasia. It is used here only as it conveniently groups light R&B, soul, soft rock, and other lighter music together. Adult contemporary music generally focuses on melody, with inoffensive lyrics and subdued beats.

Languages: Search for adult-contemporary or adult-contemporary-influenced music performed in Uzbek, Kyrgyz, or Tatar, or in Russian, Ukrainian, or Polish, or in Baltic or Caucasian languages.

Sanah – Polish YouTube Indie Sensation

Sanah is a Polish singer, songwriter, and composer, known for her indie/electronic pop music. Born in Warsaw as Zuzanna Irena Jurczak, she inherited her stage name from her real name – the English version of her name, Susannah, was shortened to Sanah. Music was a large part of her life from a young age – […]

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