Poland’s Top Pop Music: April, 2017

Published: April 30, 2017

Radio Zet is one of Poland’s most popular pop music stations. What’s big in Polish-language adult contemporary, dance, and easy-listening? Radio Zed’s playlist can tell you. Once a month, SRAS provides a snapshot of the Polish hits on their charts, with YouTube videos and links to our Polish music site.

Here is what the line up looked like on April 29, 2017


1. “O Pani!” (“Dear Madam!”)—Grzegorz Hyży

2. “KCACNL” (“KCACNL”)—Agnieszka Chylińska

3. “Nie Chce Cie Obchodzic” (“I Do Not Want You To Care”)—Anna Wyszkoni

4. “Zagadka” (“Guess”)—Lanberry

5. “Zamienię Cię” (“I’ll Change You”)—Natalia Szroeder

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