Author: Morgan Henson

Dawid Podsiadło

Born in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Southern Poland, Dawid Podsiadło was the winner of Poland’s second X Factor contest. In 2010, he created an alternative rock band with his friends called Curly Heads in their hometown of Dąbrowa Górnicza. At first, the band only performed for each other, constantly practicing every moment they could get; then they […]

Fyodor Bondarchuk / Фёдор Бондарчyк

Fyodor Bondarchuk is one of Russia’s best-known film industry professionals, known for his acting, directing, and producing. Most of his films are action films – and many are sponsored, in part, by the Russian state. Born to famous Soviet actress Irina Skobtseva and Academy Award winner Sergei Bondarchuk, Fyodor Bondarchuk (Фёдор Сергeевич Бондарчyк) grew up […]