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Where to Find Russian Movies and Music Online

Published: January 7, 2019

PopKult gives an expansive overview of contemporary pop culture in Eurasia. Explore our site for infromation on movies, music, brands, TV, and much more. Here are a few other resources you might check out for more Russian classic movies, cutting-edge bands, and language practice!


Watch More Russian Movies!

Below are links to sites that have online archives of full-length Soviet and Russian movies or shows, publications, or other resources about movies in Eurasia. Lots of them are YouTube channels and lots of them offer subtitles as well.,, Кинопоиск HD, and Megogo
These are Russian-language Netflix-like services.

Art Online
From, another Russian video-stream comes this free service offering dozens of ballets, plays, and concerts. It only requires that you form an account first.

From Russia’s main search engine is a free service with streaming TV, recorded ballets, plays, concerts, lectures, and more.

MOSFILM Online Cinema
Mosfilm Cinema, the copyright holder to a unique catalogue of motion pictures made over the 85 years of the studio’s existence, has placed much of that collection on YouTube with English subtitles. For more about Mosfilm, click here.

CD Land Video
CD Land is a major entertainment that produces films and music. Many of the movies are published on their YouTube channel.

Кинокомпания “СТВ”
STV has been making popular movies since 1992. They have many of their works on YouTube for free (with commercials).

Central Partnership
Central Partnership is one of Russia’s most prolific creators and distributors of popular films. Many of their works are on YouTube (for free with commercials or for a small payment).

All Media Company
All Media Company is a less successful film maker in Russia, but also one that has many works on YouTube.

Советские Movies
This site offers Soviet classics, some dubbed, some with subtitles.

Soyuzmultfilm was the USSR’s main animation studio. It is still producing cartoons today – and has many of its classic productions on YouTube.

Russian Film Hub
This is a user-friendly library of free Russian movies with English subtitles.

Industria Kino
Industria Kino is a weekly program on Russia’s Vesti 24 news network devoted to upcoming Russian and foreign films. They have a large archive on episodes online.

Lenfilm is one of Russia’s largest film studios. For more about Lenfilm (in Russian), click here.

RussianDVD is a place to get Russian DVDs – some are available with subtitles.

Russian Films Online Wiki is a collaborative community website that anyone can edit. The site provides a listing of Russian films online that are non-pirated, legitimate Russian films online with English subtitles for pedagogical purposes.

Дом кино is an Apple app lets you watch classic Soviet movies and some modern movies for free on your Apple products.

Double Dva is an online film festival. Its mostly arthouse films can be seen online while the festival is in progress (usually in April of each year). Many of its videos are subtitled in English.

    Other Stuff About Movies

Glavkino is one of Russia’s newer film studios – and is known for its use of technology in film production. None of its work is online, however.

KinoKultura is an English-language source of reviews and articles on Russian-language films.

American Films with Russian Content (and Vice Versa)
This list of films was put together by Ben Rifkin at the College of New Jersey as part of “a series of US and Russian films that depict both cultures.


Listen to more Russian Music!

Far from Moscow provides news on modern Russian bands and sound clips from their latest releases.

MTC Live VR presents VR concerts online. Some are free.

Russia Beyond the Headlines offers a music podcast. and are free music hosting sites – apparently favored by amateur rappers and shanson singers. is music hosting site that counts both professionals and amateurs among its uploaders.

Russian via Songs is a downloadable program that gives synopsis, translations, and more for Russian songs.

Staroe Radio offers thousands of old Soviet/Russian radio programs including plays, songs, interviews, and more. Some of the files are not great quality (they are old) but the site is very interesting. presents downloadable music files of songs popular in the Soviet Union, organized by name or subject.

Far From Moscow is a resource for genres you don’t hear on most radio stations (think folktronica)


Try Russian Brands!

RussianTable is a mail order service for Russian foods in the US – they even have dairy products available.

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