Public Servant / Слуга народу

Public Servant (Слуга народу in Ukrainian; Слуга народа in Russian) is a Ukrainian (and Ukrainian/Russian–language) drama that’s been on the air since 2015. So far it has two seasons and 24 episodes. A film is supposedly in the works. The show tells the story of “the next president of Ukraine,” as its logo states. In […]

In-Laws / Сваты

In-Laws (Сваты in Russian; Свати in Ukrainian) is a Ukrainian, Russian-language, sitcom that was on the air from 2008 to 2013. There are six seasons, a film (actually, a musical!), and a few special episodes and spin-offs. Supposedly a seventh season is in the works, but it’s not clear when, if ever, it will be released. […]

Kitchen / Кухня

Kitchen (Кухня) is Russia’s favorite recent sitcom. Spanning six seasons and a movie (!), it aired between 2012 and 2016 and has since led to a spin-off, Hotel Eleon (Отель Элеон), about some of the favorite secondary characters. A second movie should appear in 2017. The show takes part mostly in the eponymous kitchen, in one […]

Interny / Интерны

Interny (Interns, Russian: Интерны) was a Russian sitcom from the TNT (ТНТ) network. It ran from 2010 to 2016. The series features the trials and tribulations of a group of four young medical interns, their mentor Andrey Bykov (Андрей Быков), and the other hospital workers. The show has an original plot line, though many comparisons […]

Voroniny / Воронины

Voroniny (Воронины) is a Russian comedy television series. Airing on CTC network, for its first ten seasons the show was a Russian adaptation of the successful American sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. After season 11 (the show is currently on season 18), the show became an original series. As a classic situation comedy, Voroniny does not have a strict […]

Fizruk / Физрук

Fizruk (Физрук) is a Russian comedy television series. The main story line revolves around an ex-criminal who finds himself working as a physical education teacher. To make it work, he must rebuild relationships with old acquaintances and his family, and build new relationships with his new students and fellow teachers. Airing on TNT (ТНТ) since […]