Смысловые галлюцинации

Nashe Radio plays popular music that isn’t quite “pop.” What’s big in Russian-language rock, rap, punk, R&B, and alternative? Nashe Radio’s all-Russian and eclectic playlist can tell you. Once a month, SRAS provides a snapshot of what’s at the top of their charts, with YouTube videos and links to our Russian music site.


1. “Последнее признание” (“Last Recognition”)—Смысловые Галлюцинации


2. “Трамваи” (“Tramvai”)—АнимациЯ


3. “Лайки” (“Likes”)—БИ-2


4. “Не твоя смерть” (“Not Your Death”)—Animal Джаz


5. “Герой моих детских грез” (“Hero of My Childhood Imaginings”)—Аффинаж


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