Aibek Zamirov

Aibek Zamirov / Айбек Замиров

Published: September 28, 2016

Aibek Zamirov (Айбек Замиров) is a Kyrgyz pop singer who sings in both Kyrgyz and Russian (and occasionally English). He is best known for participating in the duet Bishkek with Arsen (Арсен) when the two were representing Kyrgyzstan at the New Wave international music festival in 2011. They were competing separately at first, but for the finals of the competition they came together—at the judges’ suggestion—in a duet and took fourth place (very narrowly missing third). In 2013, Zamirov’s collaborations with Arsen were regularly appearing on top-ten charts on Kyrgyz radio, and the two also recorded music videos together.

Zamirov is closely associated with Arsen, both musically and personally. Their styles are quite similar, with Zamirov’s solo music also exhibiting the smooth vocals and jazz/pop instrumentation that characterize Arsen’s music. Amusingly, a 2011 poll run through on whose voice was more pleasant, Zamirov’s or Arsen’s, saw Arsen winning with 56.1% of the vote to Zamirov’s 43.9%. But that shouldn’t put anyone off—Zamirov is certainly pleasant, too!

In the past few years Zamirov has been writing, recording, and performing his own solo songs, with accompanying music videos. In 2014 Zamirov was supposed to participate in the popular talent competition show Voice (Голос) on Russian TV, but it doesn’t seem to have panned out in the end.

His voice and style change with his songs. A recent collaboration with DJ Eazy, “Guilty Summer” (“Виновато лето”), was more hip-hop-y and peppier, but Zamirov’s calm voice is unmistakeable. He often performs around Bishkek, appearing in concerts with other homegrown artists.

In his spare time, Zamirov likes to play soccer.


“Because of You” (“Сен бар үчүн”):

Lyrics for “Сен бар үчүн”:

Билинбей күндөр, бир сени сүйдүм,
Сен баарын ээлеп алдың жүрөгүмдүн.
Эрке кыял, эрмегим болуп,
Көздөрүңдө бакыт бар бир өзүңдүн.

Сен бар үчүн, бир сен бар үчүн, күндөр өтөт.
Жалгызымсың сен билсеңчи, бул өмүрдө.

Сен, сезимдерди ээлеп алдың сен,
Ак сүйүүнү сунуп таң менен.
Айга сени теңеп алдым мен,
Биз тагдырыбыз бир жаралдык.

Серпилип ойлор, сен менен бассам,
Чеги жок сүйүү сунат, нечен кадам.
Бийик учуп, жылдыздай жаркып,
“Бир өзүңдү сүйөм” – десең, жанам.

Бүт дүйнөнү мен ээлегендей, сүйдүм сени,
Баргым келет ар убакта, сага желдей



“There Is Love” (“Сүйүү бар”):

Lyrics for “Сүйүү бар”:

Сен тарапка ойлор жетелеп келген,
Сүйкүм сенин.
Мен кыялды куруп элестеп келем,
Булутка теңеген өзүң элең.

Сүйүү бар бир караштан жанган,
Ар күнү сагынычка салган.
Сүйүү ал – сен жана мен бирге.
Ай-күн жылмаят, жүрөгүндө сени аяп.

Сен бир өзүң жүрөктү ээлеген,
Ойлор сени менен.
Мен асмандан жамгырдай себелеген,
Сага барганга, жаныңа калганга.


Жанымдын жарымысың,
Билсең айтчы, жалгызым,
Көзүңдөгү сырды катасың кимден,
Жанбай нуру.

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