Author: Charlie Bacsik

Shopping in Kyiv

You’ll have lots of options for shopping in Kyiv. Below are some locations and some advice former SRAS students who have studied abroad in Kyiv have to share with you! Introduction to Shopping in Kyiv I have two words to describe shopping in Kyiv: abundant and affordable. The city is overflowing with malls and name-brand […]

Shopping in St. Petersburg, Russia: A Complete Guide

St. Petersburg brims with shopping outlets. From the discount to the luxury, from giant shopping malls to tiny kiosks, from antiques to the latest fashions, this guide hopes to introduce you to some of the best opportunities that students on SRAS programs in St. Petersburg have found! While the capitalist cornucopia in and around Nevsky […]

Five Cafes in St. Petersburg for Caucasian Food

Georgian food stands out as some of the best from the former USSR, with unique flavor and texture combinations that, while few have tried before coming abroad, nearly all love. For locals, Georgian restaurants are sure-fire wins for a great meal and, as the restaurant scene has developed across the former Soviet space, Georgian is […]

7 Places to Get a Great Burger in St. Petersburg

Craft burgers began to swarm Russia around 2014 or so – and are now already plentiful, with several well-developed local chains and other one-off establishments. So, for any Americans studying abroad here, if you find that you, like us, cannot help but miss a juicy burger, here is a mini guide to some of our […]

Top Business Lunches in Saint Petersburg

For those that don’t know, a business lunch is an inexpensive pre-set meal that restaurants offer to maximize their lunchtime traffic between about 12:00-4:00pm. This is a student’s paradise! Most business lunches offer a main dish, a side, and a drink for around 200-350 rubles ($3-6). Some places offer one or two choices for each […]

World Cuisine in Kyiv

Kyiv is a large, cosmopolatain city. One can find all types of food here – from fast food to world-class gormet. Good Asian, Middle Eastern, and Cuban can all be found as well. Below is a small list recommended by our students studying abroad in Kyiv. Quick Recomendations Hispanic: EscoBar is a Cuban restaurant near […]

All About Anticafes in St. Petersburg

Anti-cafes are “free spaces” for you to relax with friends, keep busy with wi-fi, play board games or video games, drink tea and coffee, nom on some snacks… and you only pay for the time. Typically, the rate is around 2-3 rubles per minute, and most have some kind of cap on how much you […]