Author: Hudson Dobbs

Hrdza – Slovak Pop Folk That’s Wholesome Fun

Hrdza is a Slovak folk rock band, formed in 1999 in Prešov, Slovakia. They state that they try to blend “the old and traditional with the new and modern to create a distinctive sound deeply rooted in East European folk music,” according to their official site. They also try to reach the widest possible audience, […]

Tulia – Polish Folk Covers of Your Favorite Bands

Tulia is a popular folk musical group formed in Szczecin, Poland in 2017. The band consists of three main members: Dominika Sepka, Patricia Nowicka, and Tulia Bicak – after whom the band is named. Originally, the band had a fourth member, Joanna Sinkevich, who, due to health reasons, cut ties with the group in 2019. […]

Auļi – Groundbreaking Latvian Ethno Trance

Auļi is a modern Latvian folk group consisting of six bagpipers, three drummers, and one electric cellist. Founded in 2003, they have come to call their particular style “ethno trance” – mixing powerful and ancient instrumental patterns with influences from house, rock, and world music. They say that they find the most inspiration from nature […]

Отава Ё – Russian Indie Folk Fusion Online

Отава Ё is a folk music group founded in St. Petersburg, Russia. This popular folk fusion group started in 2003 as the side project of two bands – Reelroad and Tales of the Forest. The two members of Reelroad, Alexey Belkin and Alexei Skosyrev, paired up with two members of Tales of the Forest, Dmitry […]

Sanah – Polish YouTube Indie Sensation

Sanah is a Polish singer, songwriter, and composer, known for her indie/electronic pop music. Born in Warsaw as Zuzanna Irena Jurczak, she inherited her stage name from her real name – the English version of her name, Susannah, was shortened to Sanah. Music was a large part of her life from a young age – […]

Dawid Kwiatkowski

Dawid Kwiatkowski is a Polish pop-music singer-songwriter. Born in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Dawid started his music career at a young age. Dawid was undoubtedly influenced to pursue music by his brother Michal, also a singer. He even recorded his first song – a cover of Edyta Bartosiewicz ‘ song “The Last” in his brother’s studio. During […]

The Hatters – Russian Gypsy Folk Rock

The Hatters are a gypsy-folk rock band that was started in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2016. The five main members of the band include: Yuri Muzychenko, Pavel Lichadeev, Alexander “Kikir” Anisimov, Dmitry Vecherinin, and Anna Muzychenko. The group of musicians officially formed their band in 2016 when they released their first song, “Russian Style” online. […]

HammAli & Navai: Azeri Influenced Russian Language Pop-Rap

HammAli & Navai is a popular Russian rap group created by Alexander Aliev and Navai Bakirov. The two Moscow native, ethnically Azerbaijani musicians formed their rap duo in 2016, when they released their first song “День в календаре” (A Day in The Calendar). Both members studied music from their early years, which led to individual […]

Russian Soccer: An Introductory Guide

Russian soccer caught the world’s attention in 2018, when Russia hosted a very successful FIFA World Cup. The game is Russia’s most popular national sport, ranking just above hockey, and Russia poured millions into new stadiums and renovations on older, Soviet-built stadiums. This construction was made as a point of pride for the Russian government, […]