Author: Joseph Ozment

Renting Bikes and Scooters in Moscow

Moscow is a big city. Get around while studying abroad by renting bikes or scooters. Below are some experiences that SRAS students have had in doing just that with various rental points.   Kruti Pedali Multiple Locations Walking throughout the big city of Moscow can be extremely tiring sometimes, especially if one is simply trying […]

6 Places for World Cuisine on a Student Budget in Moscow

Moscow is a giant, international metropolis. One can find food from just about every culture here, so long as you look for them. Below are several examples of some very different places to satisfy very different cravings for world cuisine – that are accessible from a student budget – in Moscow! Thanks to all the […]


This Russian pop-rock and soft rock duo, formed in 2003, is actually named after American actress Uma Thurman. They typically write their band name with the (mostly) Latin letters as above, but occasionally one sees their name Russified as “УмаТурман” in Russian. Brothers Sergei and Vladimir Kristovski, who comprise the band, site a long-held adoration […]