Author: Rylin McGee

Saperavi Wine

Saperavi is a dry red wine made from the Saperavi grape varietal grown in some areas of Kakheti, Georgia. It is an extractive wine with a strength of around 10.5-12.5% alcohol and a notably high level of acidity, making it suitable for blending with a number of other wine varieties. Saperavi, which actually means “paint” […]

Gauga (Oscar c7c5)

Gauga, previously known as Oscar c7c5, is an up and coming Tatar band located in Kazan, Russia. Made up of lead vocalist Oscar Yunusov, guitarists Farhad Sibgatullin and Aidar Zakirov, keyboardist Ilnar Fatihov, and percussionists Albert Sadtrutdinov and Albert Sadtrutdinov, Oscar c7c5 emerged in recent years to revitalize the Tatar music scene. In May 2016, […]

Один в Каное / One in a Canoe

Один в Каное, translated from the Ukraine as “One in a Canoe” or “Alone in a Canoe” is a Ukrainian indie band originating in Lviv, Ukraine. In 2010 the band formed from 7-8 amateur musicians, none with any extensive formal musical education. After many members dropped out, only singer Irina Shvaydak and guitarist Ustim Pokhmursky […]

Juna / Юна

Juna (Юна) is a six-person band from Kazan, Russia, in the Republic of Tatarstan. Often playing more than ten instruments simultaneously, Juna is known for its ethnic, instrumental sound, and consists of members: Aniya Fayzrakhmanova (vocals, keys), Sergey Prokofiev (flutes), Alexander Mustafin (backing vocals, ukulele, banjo, metallophone), Timur Milyukov (guitar), Irina Lakota (bass guitar), and […]

Kindzmarauli Wine

Kindzmarauli is a semi-sweet red Georgian wine aged for 2 years. It is produced from Saperavi grapes in the Kvareli region of Georgia. Wines from Kindzmarauli wine are a deep, inky purple-red color and often have hidden notes of blackberry and spice, frequently described as producing a “velvety” and “harmonious” taste. Many fans of the […]

Natakhtari Georgian Soda

While in various parts of North America and the Middle East, lemonade refers to a non-carbonated, sweetened lemon beverage, in most of Eurasia, lemonade is a sweet, fizzy drink resembling what most of us call “soda.” Generally regarded as a Western invention, lemonade reached Georgia by 1833 and, soon after, the Georgians were pairing fizzy […]

Natalia Szroeder

Natalia Szroeder is a prominent Polish pop star. She was born on in 1995 and grew up in the Polish village of Parchowo, near the German border. Natalia began her musical education very young; her mother was a singer for the folk band Modraki and her father the founder of a prominent theater, so not […]

Olivier Show / Оливье Шоу

The Olivier Show (Оливье Шоу) is an annual variety show broadcast on Channel One Russia on New Year’s Eve. It premiered in 2010 and was originally based on the Soviet classic holiday program, The Little Blue Light which featured popular Soviet artists and figures, including Heroes of Socialist Labor and cosmonauts, all of whom gathered at TV […]