Garik Sukachov / Гарик Сукачёв

Garik Sukachov (Гарик Сукачёв) is Russian musician, singer-songwriter, poet, actor, film director, and television presenter. He is famous as a member of the seminal Russian rock band Brigada S (Бригада С) and more recently as the host of Channel One’s television series Conversation (Беседка). Sukachov was born in the Moscow suburbs in 1959 to a […]

Igor Rasteryaev / Игорь Растеряев

Igor Rasteryaev (Игорь Растеряев) is a Russian singer, poet, musician, and actor. He is something of a newer generation of bard—he didn’t come of age until after the collapse of the Soviet Union, so he didn’t partake in the underground activities that are usual for bards, but his musical style itself fits in well to […]

Olga Arefyeva / Ольга Арефьева

Olga Arefyeva (Ольга Арефьева) is a Russian singer, published poet, dancer, theater actress, and educator. Born in a small town (Verkhnyaya Salda/Верхняя Салда) outside of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) in 1964, she—along with her band, The Ark (Ковчег)—has released a staggering 18 albums since the early 1990s and composed more than 400 original songs. She is […]

Veronika Dolina / Вероника Долина

Veronika Dolina (Вероника Долина) is a Russian singer, poet, and bard—one of the few women in that male-dominated genre. She was born and raised in Moscow, in a family of an aircraft-designer father and a doctor mother. She studied at music school when she was young and then entered the French department at university, training […]

Pyotr Nalich / Пётр Налич

Pyotr Nalich (Пётр Андреевич Налич) is a Russian singer-songwriter who sings in Russian, English, Italian, French and Babury (Бабури), an invented language. Nalich’s songs are often funny, at times comparable to children’s songs. All of Nalitch’s songs are available for free or “pay what you want” download on his website and, as he declared in an […]

Aleksandr Galich / Александр Галич

Aleksandr Galich (Александр Галич; originally Ginzburg) was a Russian/Ukrainian singer-songwriter, bard, poet, and Soviet dissident who died in 1977. He is well-known enough, and beloved enough, to be mentioned in the same breath as Vysotsky. He was born in present-day Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk) to a family who enjoyed, though did not create or participate in, music […]

Paperny T.A..M… / Паперный Т.А..М…

Paperny T.A..M… (Паперный Т.А..М…) is a Russian music group that was founded in Moscow shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its leader is Aleksey Mikhailovich Paperniy (Алексей Михайлович Паперный; the T.A..M… stands for “fellowship of actors and musicians” (товарищество актёров и музыкантов), though information about the strange system of periods/ellipses is not forthcoming. […]

Vladimir Vysotsky / Владимир Высоцкий

Vladimir Vysotsky (Владимир Высоцкий) was one of the most celebrated figures of the late Soviet underground cultural scene. He is best known as a Russian singer, performer, and poet and one of the founders of the Soviet bard tradition, but he was also an inspiration for many members of Soviet society who disagreed with the […]

Aleksandr Bashlachev / Александр Башлачёв

Aleksandr Bashlachev (Александр Башлачёв), nicknamed SashBash (СашБаш, for Sasha, the common nickname for Aleksandr) was a Soviet/Russian singer-songwriter, poet, and bard, a popular performer in the Soviet underground circuit. Born in Cherepovets, Vologda oblast, Bashlachev went to school and university there and initially worked in metallurgy. He later moved to Sverdlovsk to study journalism but […]

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