Mieczysław Szcześniak

Mieczysław Szcześniak is a highly prolific Polish singer and songwriter. A trained jazz musician, he has explored a large variety of popular music styles throughout his almost 30-year career on the Polish music scene. From singing standard pop ballads to mixing Caribbean rhythms with Slavic folk harmonies, Szcześniak has garnered wide critical acclaim in his native Poland […]


Armia is a popular Polish punk band that also incorporates elements of hard-core, gothic rock, reggae metal, symphonic rock, and jazz into their style. It’s been an important band for the Polish scene since the 1980s, and vocalist Thomas Budzyński has been the main consistent member since that time. Always holding a controversial place in the Polish alternative […]


Daab is a long-running Polish reggae band. Originally from Warsaw, the band formed in 1982 and still actively tours today, having reached something of a cult status in Poland. The band was originally named Daab—Muzyka serc (“music of the heart”). Daab’s original lineup consisted of Dariusz Gierszewski, Andrzej Zeńczewski, Artur Miłoszewski, and Piotr Strojnowski, who […]