Helpful Hints / Корисні підказки

Helpful Hints (Корисні підказки) is a contemporary Ukrainian cartoon. It premiered in 2013 and airs on PlusPlus (ПлюсПлюс), a Ukrainian children’s/family TV channel that is part of 1+1 Media, one of the main Ukrainian domestic channels. Each episode is about 10 minutes, and there are about 40 in total. The show is explicitly educational and meant […]

The Adventures of Kotyhoroshko and His Friends / Пригоди Котигорошка та його друзів

The Adventures of Kotyhoroshko and His Friends (Пригоди Котигорошка та його друзів) is a Ukrainian animated miniseries for children. It started airing in 2014 and currently consists of four short episodes of around 15 minutes each, with more episodes in the works. The show is based on Ukrainian national heroes and legends. The original Kotyhoroshko […]

Lejeune (Lviv Tales) / Лежень (Львівські казки)

Lejeune (Лежень) is a Ukrainian animated short film released in 2013. It is based on a fairy tale by beloved Ukrainian and Soviet writer Yuriy Vynnychuk (Юрій Винничук), and is part of his Lviv Tales (Львівські казки) collection. Vynnychuk was a Soviet/Ukrainian writer who, unusually for the time, wrote only in Ukrainian. His works include poetry collections […]

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