Corporate Party / Корпоратив

Corporate Party (Корпоратив) is a 2014 Russian comedy by Oleg Asadulin, who also directed Dark World: Equilibrium (Тёмный мир: равновесие). The film was produced by the company Enjoy Movies, which seeks to specifically make domestic hits about Russian everyday life so that audiences have viewing options apart from Western imports. In the filme, Igor, the […]

Loves Me, Loves Me Not / Любит не любит

Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Любит не любит) is a 2014 Russian romantic comedy. In the film, Lyosha, a successful businessman, has just gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Alyona, his boss’s daughter, when he meets well-known journalist Irina. She introduces him to a new, exciting, chaotic life, and suddenly he can’t choose between Irina, who […]

Eight New Dates / 8 новых свиданий

Eight New Dates (8 новых свиданий) is a 2015 Russian comedy, the sequel to the 2012 Eight First Dates (8 первых свиданий). The film’s director, Marius Weisberg, was also responsible for the romantic comedy trilogy Love in the Big City (Любовь в большом городе). In the film, Vera, a popular TV host, and Nikita, a […]

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