Ruki Vverkh! / Руки Вверх!

Ruki Vverkh! (Руки Вверх!) is a Russian electronic pop group who takes their name from the ubiquitous DJ command for people to “get their hands in the air.”  The group’s name suits their musical style, which blends high-energy electronic pop with samples and aspects of world music. This popular group once worked as official spokesmen […]

Russkii Razmer / Русский Размер

Russkii Razmer (Русский Размер, Eng: “Russian Size”) is a Russian electronic group whose music falls somewhere among techno, trance, synth-pop and eurodance. The band has had a number of hits and is much loved in the Russian electronic music festival circuit. Russkii Razmer formed official in 1993, but founding members Dmitri Kopotilov (Дмитри Копотлив) and […]


DJ M.E.G. is a popular Russian DJ, producer, and choreographer. M.E.G. stands for the artist’s initials, his full name being Eduard Georgievich Magaev (Эдуард Георгиевич Магаев). DJ M.E.G. has worked with the likes of Timati and David Guetta, among others, and his sound is known around the world for its upbeat, poppy vibes. Magaev comes […]

5sta Family

5sta Family (it is the same in Russian) is a Russian R&B group. They are known for, and are understandably proud of, operating independently and writing most of their songs themselves. The group was founded in 2005 when Vasiliy Kosinskiy (V-kes; Василий Косинский) and Valeriy Yefremov (CoolB; Валерий Ефремов) met online and decided that they […]

DJ Smash (Andrei Shirman / Андрей Ширман)

Andrei Shirman (Андрей Ширман), also known as “Smash”, is a successful Russian electronic and house DJ. He performs in Russian and English, generally favoring English and occasionally mixing the languages in one song. Shirman was born May 23, 1982 in Perm, Russia.Both of his parents had a love for music. His father was a jazz […]

DJ Leonid Rudenko / DJ Леонид Руденко

Leonid Rudenko (Леонид Анатольевич Руденко) is a Russian DJ, musician, and producer who records electronic music in Russian and English. Rudenko was born in Moscow, Russia and started mixing music at the age of ten. Self-taught, he began his career as a DJ in 1997 by mixing techno, house, trance, and ambient music. His first […]

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