Dr. Komarovskiy’s School / Школа доктора Комаровского

Dr. Komarovskiy’s School (Школа доктора Комаровского) is a weekly Russian health/educational show. It is actually produced and filmed in Ukraine and airs in both Ukraine and Russia, but it is entirely in Russian. It has been on since 2010 and has more than 250 half-hour episodes. The host, of course, is Dr. (Yevgeny) Komarovskiy (Евгений Комаровский […]

Renovation School / Школа ремонта

Renovation School (Школа ремонта) is a Russian home-improvement show—the Russian version of HGTV, basically. It’s been airing since 2003, with hour-long episodes. The host and foreman is San Sanych, who is actually actor Aleksandr Grishaev (Александр Гришаев). He is aided by actors Sergey Shubenkov (Сергей Шубенков) and Yulia Yegorova (Юлия Егорова). The show draws on an […]

In the World of Animals / В мире животных

In the World of Animals (В мире животных) is a Soviet and now Russian nature show. It has aired nonstop since 1968, and is now in its 48th season, with more than 1,300 episodes. Nikolay Drozdov (Николай Дроздов) has been hosting the show since 1977, and single-handedly since 1990. According to the show’s website on TV […]

Let’s Eat at Home! / Едим дома!

Let’s Eat at Home! (Едим дома!) is a Russian culinary TV show. Led by Yulia Vysotskaya (Юлия Высоцкая), it is “a culinary documentary show from the life of a young woman”: Vysotskaya finds herself in various situations in which food is required (e.g. her child invites a bunch of guests over; a friend stops by […]

Live Well! / Жить здорово!

Live Well! (Жить здорово!) is a Russian talk show that Russians seem to love and hate in equal measure, and at the same time. It’s only been on since 2010, but it airs every morning and there are well over 1,000 episodes already. The show is basically about health, though with a somewhat ridiculous, unintentionally […]

Galileo / Галилео

Galileo (Галилео) is a Russian popular science/talk show. It’s been around in various formats since 2007; new episodes have not aired since 2015, but supposedly the show has not actually been canceled. Episodes in the first five seasons were a half hour; episodes in the next nine were 45 minutes. The show is based on […]