Grzegorz Turnau

Grzegorz Turnau is a Polish singer, poet, actor, and pianist from Kraków. While his style is very much his own, he draws on jazz influences and the Polish tradition of sung poetry and has been compared to singer Marek Grechuta, among others. Krakow Post has called him “the bard of Krakow,” referring to his penchant […]

Artur Andrus

Artur Andrus is a prominent figure in the wide world of Polish culture. He is a cabaret artist, singer-songwriter, and radio host. He was born in Lesko, Poland, and studied journalism in Warsaw. He started his career in radio and was offered his own show on Polskie Radio after a surprising interview with Polish poet […]

Stanisława Celińska

Stanisława Celińska is a Polish theater and film actress born in 1947. She graduated from the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw in 1969 and began acting professionally even before her graduation, debuting in Aleksander Fredro’s A Great Man for Small Matters (Wielki człowiek do małych interesow). Her first film was 1970’s Landscape after […]