Dan Balan (O-Zone)

Dan Balan is a Moldovan singer who records music in Romanian, Russian, and English. Balan was born in Chișinău, Moldova’s capital. His father, Mihai Balan, was a Moldovan diplomat and is now the head of Moldova’s security service. Balan’s interest in music arose when he was a child. He received his first accordion when he […]

ВИА Гра (Nu Virgos)

VIA Gra (ВИА Гра; also called Nu Virgos) is a Ukrainian, Russian-singing pop group founded by businessman Dmitry Kostyuk in 2000 in Kyiv. The name of the band is usually assumed to refer to the drug Viagra, with the “Via” hidden in the Russian acronym for “vocal-instrumental ensemble,” which is found in many band names. […]

Propaganda / Пропаганда

Propaganda (Пропаганда) is a Russian band that’s been releasing hits consistently since 2001. They have been highly successful with their brand of dance pop, with songs like “With Chalk” (“Мелом”), “Who” (“Кто”), and “No One” (“Никто”) leading Russian charts as soon as they appeared. The group was founded in 2001 by producer Sergey Izotov. Its […]

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