Pop Rock

Pop Rock is rock produced to reach as wide an audiaunce as possible. It mixes rock’s guitars and drum beats into a smoother, marketable form. Beats tend to be simpler and more regular and melodies more flowing than in other forms of rock. In Eurasia, local pop rock has established itself as economies recovered from the turbulence of the 1990s and grew in the 2000s. Investments by major labels such as Sony, Universal, and Warner have also had major impacts on its development.

Languages: Search for pop rock music performed in Uzbek, Kyrgyz, or Tatar, or in Russian, Ukrainian, or Polish, or in Baltic, Caucasian, or Other languages.

Patryk Kumór

Patryk Kumór (also known as Spectre) is a Polish pop singer and songwriter based in Warsaw who rapidly rose to fame during the 2013 season of Polsat’s Must Be the Music talent show. In May, 2014 he released his debut solo album 13, and a year later a second album, 2/2, which the Polish Society of […]

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