Krambambula / Крамбамбуля

Krambambula (Крамбамбуля) is a Belarusian rock group. The name is taken from a Belarusian folk drink made of honey, vodka, and spices. The group is on the Belarusian government’s extensive unofficial blacklist of artists and musicians. The group was formed by Lyavon Volski (Лявон Вольскі) in 2001. At the time, he was also a member […]


N.R.M. (it stands for Незалежная Рэспубліка Мроя, or Independent Republic of Mroya—the group writes the initials in the Roman alphabet) is a Belarusian rock group. They sing almost exclusively in Belarusian (as opposed to Russian). The group was founded in 1994 as a continuation of legendary Belarusian rock group Mroya (Мроя; Belarusian for “dream”), in an […]