Evening Urgant

Evening Urgant / Вечерний Ургант

Published: April 2, 2017

Evening Urgant (Вечерний Ургант) is a Russian late-night talk show, the (intentional) equivalent of American shows like Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. It began airing in 2012 and is often called the first Russian show of its kind. It airs every day, Monday to Friday, at 11:30 on Perviy Kanal (Первый канал).

The host of the show is Ivan Urgant (Иван Ургант), a Russian actor, “showman,” and TV host. He is also an occasional singer and has released two albums. His TV career has been extensive, and his list of awards is truly long and extensive. He’s also appeared in a number of films, including all five of the “Ёлки” films and the more serious Vysotsky, Thank You for Being Alive (Высоцкий, спасибо что живой).

The format of the show will be very familiar to American viewers. It starts with a cold open (simply called a “cold open” in Russian as well) and is followed by various segments, including games with the show’s guests, “news” items with special correspondent Alla Mikheeva (Алла Михеева) (these are generally humorous, a la The Daily Show), and other various entertaining bits. There is even a sketch with videos of a writer for the show going up to random people on the street and saying “Sashka, is it you?” (Сашка, ты?) If they can show an identity document proving that they are named Aleksandr (Sasha or Sashka are diminutives for Aleksandr), they get a monetary prize.

The show has won three TEFI (a major TV award in Russia) prizes for leading entertainment/variety show, in 2014, 2015, and 2016. It also won best humor program in 2016.


Directors: Roman Butovskiy (Роман Бутовский), Aleks Boltenko (Алекс Болтенко)
Host: Ivan Urgant (Иван Ургант)
Production company: Perviy Kanal (Первый канал)
TV channel: Perviy kanal (Первый канал)


The show’s official site.


A recent episode, featuring actor Aleksey Chadov as the guest:


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