Mila Sivatskaya

Mila Sivatskaya: Ukrainian actress, singer, and influencer

Published: July 29, 2022

Mila Sivatskaya (Людмила Алексеевна Сивацкая) is a well-known Ukrainian actress, singer, model, and show host. She was born on 2 December 1998 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Mila lived in a household with her mother Oksana Sivatskaya, father Aleksey Sivatskiy, and grew up with her brother Aleksey Sivatskiy in Kyiv, Ukraine. As an actor, however, she has been well-known for her Russian projects. Mila’s parents did not have an artistic background, but her mother being a fashion designer influenced her style and image in show business. Oksana quit her job in order to dedicate her full time to her daughter’s career from the very beginning.

Mila’s artistic lifestyle began at a very young age. She began her modeling career with the Paradiz and Karin modeling agencies. There, she won ten modeling contests, including Junior Miss Universe in 2007.

She has also taken ballroom dancing classes since she was three years old and became a Ukrainian champion among juniors in 2010.

Sivatskaya also enjoyed hosting events. In 2009 and 2010, she led the Mini Miss Kyiv and Mini Model International competitions, while also hosting a show called Caution, Children and a concert called Stars for Children with other celebrities.

Singing was another one of her childhood interests. In 2010, Mila was a member of the children’s vocal group Fleshki, where they became finalists  in the 2011 Eurovision. She also performed on the televised singing contest Voice Children, performing We Will Rock You by Queen in 2012 at age 13. In response to this performance, people began to view her as a courageous, confident young woman.

Sivatskaya started her acting career when she was 8, after meeting the director Anatoly Mateshko. The very first movie she had a role in was Genius of Empty Space (Гений пустого места). Later, she was a part of several successful tv shows that helped her get a female leading role, Vasilisa, in the 2017 film The Last Hero (Последний богатырь). Co-produced by Disney, the film tales of a man who magically transfers from modern Moscow to ancient Russia. This movie was very successful, and Sivatskaya also featured in the sequels Root of Evil (Последний богатырь: Корень зла) in 2020 and Messenger of Darkness (Последний богатырь: Посланник Тьмы) in 2021 produced by Yellow, Black and White.

Another one of Mila’s prosperous projects was the TV series Grand (Гранд), where she played the role of the main character Kseniya Zavgorodnyaya. Kseniya is a young, motivated woman who starts working at the Grand hotel as a maid and later becomes a general manager while facing hardships in her personal and professional life. This show was a continuation of previous shows The Kitchen (Кухня) and Eleon Hotel (Отель “Элеон”). The first season was released in 2018 by YBW, studio partner of the successful The Last Hero films. Grand was a top-rated TV show and five seasons were released by 2021.

Mila Sivatskaya is very active on social media. She has posted on her Instagram page every day for years, stating that it was a promise she was not going to break. Sharing backstage pictures and videos, as well as her day-to-day life as an artist is something her fans value and look forward to daily. Her account is also used to advertise the makeup brand Mila’s Beauty and to share her baking videos which were posted around 2018 on her YouTube channel as well. Moreover, since early 2022, Sivatskaya’s feed has been more political, with many posts about what Russia calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine. Mila has worked mostly in Russia for much of her career, but has stayed in her native city of Kyiv now for months. Some critics believe that this will affect Mila’s career in the long run, making it difficult to engage in Russian projects as she used to throughout her life. If she is concerned about this, she has not posted much about it.

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