Published: March 5, 2017 is a pretty long-running Polish sitcom. It began airing in 2011 and is currently in its tenth season (actually, the season just started on March 3). There are a bit more than 200 episodes to date.

The show is about a happy family living near Warsaw: happily married young parents, Natalia and Ludwik, plus their three kids, Tomek, Cuba, and Kasper. The father, an architect, works from home and takes care of the kids; the mother is just now going back to work, as a magazine editor, after she spent a few years at home with the children. Secondary characters include various neighbors, friends, coworkers, and schoolmates of the family. The show is about families, parenting, and normal everyday Polish life.

While the show is actually based on a similar Canadian show, it’s taken on its own life in Poland. It’s won several Polish TV awards and is directed by a popular Polish director, Patrick Yoka, who’s directed such other popular Polish shows as The Nanny (yes, it is based on the American show), Insidious (Naznaczony), and Hela in Trouble (Hela w opałach).

The show’s star, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, who plays the mother, has a long resume of film and TV shows in Poland. She’s also dubbed a number of American shows into Polish, including Madagascar and the recent Alice in Wonderland films. She also had a cameo—playing herself—in the very popular Polish series The World According to Kiepskich (Świat według Kiepskich). She’s been nominated for many film, theater, and TV awards and has her handprint in the Polish equivalent of the Walk of Fame.


Director: Patrick Yoka
Stars: Tomasz Karolak, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Adam Zdrójkowski, Mateusz Pawłowski, Maciej Musiał
Production company: Telewizja Polska – Agencja Filmowa
TV channel: TVP


The show’s official website.

A promo for the show’s tenth season:

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