Nashestvie / Нашествие

Nashestvie (Нашествие), or “Invasion,” is an annual Russian rock music festival held over a three-day weekend in the first half of July. Since launching in 1999, Nashestvie has become one of the largest open-air music festivals in Russia with a record 205,000 in attendance during the 2016 season. The first Nashestvie was organized by Nashe […]

Automatic Pleasurers / Автоматические удовлетворители

Automatic Pleasurers (Автоматические удовлетворители) was a seminal Russian punk rock band. Though the band was active for some 19 years, they never released an official album or single during that time. The group had a fluid membership, serving more as a music club with dozens of musicians than a band in the traditional sense. Several prominent Russian […]

Grazhdanskaya Oborona / Гражданская Оборона

Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Гражданская Оборона; translates as “civil defense”), also known as GrOb (ГрОб, “coffin” in Russian), was one of Russia’s earliest and most influential punk bands. Their earlier work is very minimalist, lo-fi punk rock, while the group began to verge toward noise rock and finally shoegaze in the 1990s. The band’s frontman, the poet […]

Brothers Grim / Братья Грим

Brothers Grim (Братья Грим—spelled differently from the original Brothers Grimm; грим means stage or film makeup in Russian, but that might be coincidence) is a Russian soft rock group. It was founded in 1998 by the brothers/twins Grim—actually Konstantin (Kostya) and Boris (Borya) Burdaev (Констаинтин/Костя Бурдаев; Борис/Боря Бурдаев), who went by Konstantin Grim and Boris […]

Zveri / Звери

Zveri (Звери; “beasts”) is a Russian rock group formed in 2001, one of the biggest and best-known to emerge in Russia in the twenty-first century. Its founder was Roman Bilyk (Роман Билык), who goes by the name Roma Zver (Рома Зверь). Zver grew up in Taganrog and attended a construction and economics institute nearby before […]

Dzhango / Джанго

Dzhango (Джанго) is the stage name of Aleksey Viktorovich Poddubniy (Алексей Викторович Поддубный), a Ukrainian and Russian pop, rock, and folk composer, vocalist, and leader of a band of the same name. The band Dzhango became especially well-known in Russian and Ukraine after their track “Cold Spring” (“Холодная весна”) was featured on the soundtrack of […]

And My Friend the Truck… / И Друг мой Грузовик…

And My Friend the Truck… (И Друг мой Грузовик…)is a Ukrainian indie rock band who sing almost exclusively in Russian. They are noted for their minimalist instrumentation, consisting of only drums, bass, and vocals.  The band was formed initially in 1997 as Me and My Friend the Truck (Я и Друг Мой Грузовик) for a […]

Stas Mikhailov / Стас Михайлов

Stanislav, or Stas, Mikhailov (Станислав Владимирович Михайлов) is a popular Russian singer-songwriter. He has received the prestigious titles of Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation (Заслуженный артист Российской Федерации) and the Golden Gramophone Award. He is also the best-paid artist in all of Russia, with an income of $21 million in 2012. His most famous […]

Garik Sukachov / Гарик Сукачёв

Garik Sukachov (Гарик Сукачёв) is Russian musician, singer-songwriter, poet, actor, film director, and television presenter. He is famous as a member of the seminal Russian rock band Brigada S (Бригада С) and more recently as the host of Channel One’s television series Conversation (Беседка). Sukachov was born in the Moscow suburbs in 1959 to a […]

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