Seventeen Moments of Spring / Семнадцать мгновений весны

Seventeen Moments of Spring (Семнадцать мгновений весны) is a 12-part Soviet war drama that first aired in 1973. The series recently came back into the news when Vladimir Putin cited it as an inspiration for wanting to join the KGB in his youth. According to his personal assistant, Leonid Brezhnev was also a devoted fan […]

Battle of the Psychics / Битва Экстрасенов

Bitva Extrasenov (Битва Экстрасенсов), Battle of the Psychics, is a Russian-language TNT (ТНТ) TV show based on Britain’s Psychic Challenge. Running since 2007, the show reached peak popularity in November 2013 with a season dedicated to the death of Vladislav Listyev (Владислав Листев), a Soviet TV personality and journalist killed by two unknown assailants in […]

Zolotoi Gramofon / Золотой Граммофон

The Zolotoi Gramofon (Золотой Граммофон, lit. “Golden Gramophone”) is one of the most important music award ceremonies in Russia. It was established in 1995 by Russkoe Radio, a Moscow radio station that specializes in Russian pop music. The awards were then attached to a the Russian Hill (Русская Горка) radio show, which aired the 12 […]

Гостья из будущего / Guests From the Future

Гостья из будущего (Guests From the Future) is a five-part children’s science fiction television series from 1985. Based on Kir Bulychev’s popular 1978 children’s book One Hundred Years Ahead, Guests from the Future became an instant classic. Produced by the prestigious Gorky Film Studio, the show featured, for its time, convincing sets depicting the far […]

Aygul Barieva / Айгуль Бариева

Aygul Barieva (Айгуль Бариева in Russian) is a renowned Tatar singer who’s been performing now for more than 20 years. She’s a Distinguished Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, among many other awards. Most of her repertoire is in the Tatar language, though she occasionally performs in Russian as well. Barieva is from Kazan, the capital of […]

Evening Urgant / Вечерний Ургант

Evening Urgant (Вечерний Ургант) is a Russian late-night talk show, the (intentional) equivalent of American shows like Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. It began airing in 2012 and is often called the first Russian show of its kind. It airs every day, Monday to Friday, at 11:30 on Perviy Kanal (Первый канал). The host of the […]

Pozner / Познер

Pozner (Познер) is a Russian talk show hosted by Vladimir Pozner (Владимир Познер). It’s been airing weekly since 2008: there are 9 seasons and almost 250 hour-long episodes. The show features Pozner interviewing major figures in Russian society: politicians, artists, athletes, scientists, and others. The guest discusses various topics, often contemporary events, with Pozner, and […]

Dr. Komarovskiy’s School / Школа доктора Комаровского

Dr. Komarovskiy’s School (Школа доктора Комаровского) is a weekly Russian health/educational show. It is actually produced and filmed in Ukraine and airs in both Ukraine and Russia, but it is entirely in Russian. It has been on since 2010 and has more than 250 half-hour episodes. The host, of course, is Dr. (Yevgeny) Komarovskiy (Евгений Комаровский […]

Renovation School / Школа ремонта

Renovation School (Школа ремонта) is a Russian home-improvement show—the Russian version of HGTV, basically. It’s been airing since 2003, with hour-long episodes. The host and foreman is San Sanych, who is actually actor Aleksandr Grishaev (Александр Гришаев). He is aided by actors Sergey Shubenkov (Сергей Шубенков) and Yulia Yegorova (Юлия Егорова). The show draws on an […]

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