Fryderyk Awards

The Fryderyk is the most important annual Polish music award for the modern Polish popular music industry. It’s presented in April, and is comparable to the American Grammy award. The Fryderyk was officially created in 1994 by the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (Związek Producentów Audio-Video, ZPAV). Presented for the first time in 1995, […]

Malanowski and Partners / Malanowski i Partnerzy

Malanowski and Partners (Malanowski i Partnerzy) is a Polish crime TV series that aired from 2009 to 2016. It ran for 16 seasons, and there are more than 800 half-hour episodes. The show takes place in Warsaw and is about Detective Malanowski and his partners at the detective agency he runs. The show follows the detectives as […]

Friends / Przyjaciółki

Friends (Przyjaciółki) is a Polish primetime drama that has been airing since 2012. There are more than 100 45-minute episodes in its nine seasons, and it is still going strong. Despite the name and the main conceit, it has very little in common with the American Friends. The show takes place in Warsaw, and follows four […]

07 Come In / 07 zgłoś się

07 Come In (07 zgłoś się) is a Polish drama/police procedural that aired during the late communist era, from 1976 to 1987, with a number of breaks (there are only 20 episodes over its five seasons). The show is controversial for its heavy dose of propaganda, but at the same time it’s considered one of the best Polish […]

Colors of Happiness / Barwy szczęścia

Colors of Happiness (Barwy szczęścia) is a long-running Polish drama. It’s been airing consistently since 2007, and is now in its 10th season; there are more than 1,500 half-hour episodes already. The show, considered a soap opera, is regularly ranked one of the most popular in Poland, second only to L for Love (M jak Milość). […]

13th Precinct / 13 Posterunek

13th Precinct (13 Posterunek) is a Polish sitcom/police procedural. It aired on and off between 1997 and 2000, with a total of two seasons and about 80 half-hour episodes. The series takes place in a police station on the outskirts of Warsaw, and centers around a team of not exactly brilliant detectives. The main character is Deputy […] is a pretty long-running Polish sitcom. It began airing in 2011 and is currently in its tenth season (actually, the season just started on March 3). There are a bit more than 200 episodes to date. The show is about a happy family living near Warsaw: happily married young parents, Natalia and Ludwik, plus […]

For Better or For Worse / Na dobre i na złe

For Better or For Worse (Na dobre i na złe) is a Polish medical drama that’s been airing since 1999. It’s one of the longest-running Polish TV shows ever, with more than 600 45-minute episodes. The show is essentially your standard medical drama; it takes place at a hospital in a small town near Warsaw […]

Holy War / Święta_wojna

Holy War (Święta wojna) is a Polish sitcom that ran from 2000 to 2009. It takes place in Katowice, and much of the dialogue is in the Silesian dialect, a version of Polish influenced by German that is spoken in parts of Poland and the Czech Republic. The TV show is about a husband and wife […]

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