Author: D. Garrison Golubock

2 Classic Coffee Shops in Irkutsk

A wave of coffeeshops have relatively recently swept across Russia. Once dominated by dehyradted Nescafe, most Russian cities now offer modern coffee shops specializing in everything from quick, cheap coffee to go to comfortable places to sit and relax with your beverage and snack. Below are two of the oldest such institutions in Irkutsk, both […]

Three Local Buryat Cafes in Irkutsk

The Buryats are native to the Irkutsk area. Their food can be found quite easily locally – particularly the buuzy (sometimes called pozi). These are meat-filled dumplings that are a broadly popular and widely available local delicacy. Below are three ways, from fast-food to comfortable sit-down ambiance, that SRAS students have found to enjoy the […]

Seven Very Different Lunches In Irkutsk

Many students report, after a while, feeling a bit worn down by eating in the university cafeterias. The food there is generally quite good and certainly convenient. However, after a while, one feels the need to stike out and find something new to tempt the senses. Below are seven great options recommended by SRAS students […]