Author: Lucine Poturyan

Tantsy Minus Rooftop Concert in St. Petersburg

SRAS bought us concert tickets as part of our cultural program. It was an exciting opportunity to see modern Russian popular culture. I had never been to a rock concert before, and I especially had no idea what to expect of one in Russia. Our eager guide, Alina, told us that we’d be going to […]

Attraction / Притяжение

Притяжение (Attraction) was Russia’s highest grossing movie of 2017. A visually spectacular sci-fi / romance, it also offered considerable social commentary on how Russian society views and treats immigrants. Притяжение (Attraction) was released in Russia and a handful of Eastern European countries on January 26th, 2017. Притяжение (2017) is about an alien ship that crash-lands […]

Nikolai Baskov / Николай Басков

Nikolai Baskov is a prominent Russian tenor known for his opera and pop music stylings. According to his website, Baskov is also the only cross-over artist in Russia, shifting from opera music to pop. He first gained renown in the late 1990s through singing competitions in Russia and abroad. He joined the Bolshoi Theater musical […]

The Wolf and Seven Baby Goats / Волк и семеро козлят

Волк и семеро козлят (The Wolf and Seven Baby Goats) is a children’s cartoon released in the Soviet Union in 1957. It was produced by the Soyuzmul’tfil’m animation studio under the direction of Pyotor Nosov. The production included work from various voice actors, including Julia Yulskaya as the baby goats, George Vtilsin as the woodpecker, […]

Flight Crew / Экипаж

Экипаж (Ekipazh) was released in Russia and a handful of Eastern European countries on April 21, 2016.  The film’s resemblance to Alexander Mitta’s 1969 Экипаж, which was popular in the Soviet Union, is limited to its title and the earthquakes that make its characters’ situations progressively worse. Экипаж (2016) is a modern survivalist film in […]

Kroshka Enot / Крошка Енот

Крошка Енот is a cartoon about a baby raccoon overcoming his fears. The baby raccoon, who lives in the jungle with his mother, is given the task of collecting sedge by the jungle’s pond for dinner on his birthday. The raccoon sets off into the foliage, eager to prove his bravery and maturity to his […]