Author: Rachel Rodriguez

Sophia: Russian Historical Drama on Amazon Prime

Sophia is a Russian television series originally released on November 28th, 2016 on channel Russia 1. The series was directed by Aleksei Andrianov, and produced by Moskino filming company. As of now, there is only one season of the series containing eight episodes that is available on Amazon Prime with English subtitles. The historical drama […]

Arrhythmia: Russian Film on Amazon Prime

Arrhythmia is a romantic drama examining the lives of the young married couple; Katya and Oleg. Oleg is a paramedic played by Aleksandr Yatensko, whilst his wife Katya, played by Irina Gorbacheva, works as a nurse in the emergency hospital. The young couple together battle alcoholism, work-life in the medical field, and a drowning relationship, […]

To the Lake / Эпидемия

To the Lake is currently a big hit series on Netflix. It has been released in other areas as The Outbreak. Released originally under the Russian title Эпидемия (Epidemia), this thriller television series follows a group of people in Moscow as the city descends into anarchy with the rapid spread of a deadly virus. The […]

The Heritage of Love / Герой

The Heritage of Love (in Russian marketed as Герой, or Hero) is a romantic drama that takes place in dual time periods: during the Russian Revolution and the modern 20th century. The film follows the love tale of Duchess Vera Chernisheva played by Svetlana Ivanova, and Officer Andrey Petrovich Dolmatov played by pop singing sensation […]

Dovlatov / Довлатов: Learn Russian Through Film

The movie Довлатов (Dovlatov) originally premiered on 17 February at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival. The film was produced by Metrafilms, SAGa, and Art and Pop Corn, and was directed by Aleksei German Jr. The film is available on Netflix with English subtitles and on the Russian streaming service ivi, without subtitles. Довлатов is […]

The Method / Метод

The Method, is a Russian television series originally released on 18 October 2015 on Channel One. The producing company for the show is Sreda, currently one of the most successful companies producing Russian-language television. Season 1 was directed by Yuri Bykov and is currently available on Netflix with English subtitles. Season 2 has not yet […]