Author: Ryan Hardy

Sources to Research Russian Rock

The brief list of online resources has been compiled for those interested in understanding late-Soviet music movements, particularly for rock and punk movements of Leningrad.   I. Resources in English   A. Lecture on Russian punk In the above virtual lecture, Brandeis University PhD candidate and writer Alexander Herbert explores themes detailed in his book […]

Rock Music’s Rise in Late-Soviet Russia

Starting in the late 1970s, Leningrad’s rock scene introduced a new wave of western culture to the Soviet public. For some, this wave was a dangerous cultural phenomenon that went against Party norms, but by Perestroika, Soviet rock was well established and had captivated and inspired young listeners. It also created a new sphere of […]

Siberia’s Perestroika Punk Generation

Late-Soviet Siberia fell in love with punk. While rock bands like Kino and Alisa were making waves in Leningrad, the major industrial and scientific centers of Central Russia produced an underground punk genre that grasped audiences in the USSR and post-soviet diaspora. The cities of Tyumen, Omsk, and Novosibirsk were the centers of this movement. […]

alyona alyona

Alyona Savranenko is better known by her stage name, alyona alyona (written in Latin characters and without capitals). She is a Ukrainian rap performer who, although with a background in Russian-language rapping, has greatly boosted the growing genre of Ukrainian-language hip-hop. In the two years since she exploded onto the scene, alyona alyona’s fame has […]